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If you want to pursue an acting career, you should make yourself familiar with Video ID.

A Video ID is quite simple in itself- for every single audition, you will be required to do a Video ID. Whether it be in front of a casting director, or in the form of a video to send to them.

To film a Video ID you will need a clear camera- your phones’ camera will be fine, but does depend on the model of course. A Ring light can also make your life easier when filming, as you can place your phone in it and you not only do you have great lighting, but a very steady and professional Video ID.

You will need to have a name slate, this can be a piece of paper or a mini whiteboard, you need something to write our Name, Age, Location and Agency.

For example, If I were doing a Video ID, I would write on a piece of paper:

Chelsea Glenn

Age: 19

Location: Gold Coast

Agency: Synergy Management

Sometimes you will be required to write more information, like your height and your Date of Birth.

Once you have written all the required information down, you will need to stand in front of a blank wall ( preferably white or grey) and hold the piece of paper in front of your chest.

Get someone in the family or even a friend to film you, and if they are shooting with a phone, it is imperative that they film horizontally, this is also the case when it comes to self-tapes.

Make sure the lighting and sound are good, so have a practice run first. A ring light comes in handy at this point, as the lighting is brilliant.

Now the final bit is very simple, all you need to do is look into the camera, smile and say:

“Hello, my name is —(name)—, I’m —(age)—,I live in —(location)— and I’m with —(agency) —”

Again depending on the brief, you may be required to state more information.

After saying all of that, turn to your left, then turn to your right to show the casting directors your side profiles, and then face the front and pan the camera up and down, so the casting director can see you front on. And Viola! you have successfully filmed a Video ID.

Stay tuned my next Blog I will be talking about Self Taping.


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    I need to do this Chelsea Thankyou may need some help

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    Super helpful, cheers Chelsea

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    Thanks Chelsea. Wonderful info.

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