Self Taping

Self Taping Tips by Debbie by admin

Self Taping Tips

Are you ready when a Casting Director asks you for a self tape? There are a few things you need to keep in mind when preparing to shoot a self tape at home. Please remember to ALWAYS shoot in landscape and at a high resolution. You can change the resolution on your iPhone in camera settings. We recommend using the 4K setting so the quality of your tape is just as good as the productions you are watching on your TV at home. If shooting in 4K, you will most likely need to then compress the file, so it doesn’t take the Casting Director an hour to download such a large file. If you have an iPhone, the iMovie app is fantastic and easy to use.

Next is the lighting, please ensure there is adequate lighting. To ensure you are not creating shadows, have the source of light come from in front of you. Ring lights are great and you can pick these up fairly cheap online or from a local retailer like Camera House. When you stand in front of the camera, please distance yourself from the wall, this will help eliminate shadows.

Once you have a great setup and the camera can see your facial expressions clearly, you are now ready to PRACTICE.

Practice, practice, practice! If you have a script or a few lines, try saying these lines in different ways. Analyze your character and understand how they are feeling, what have they been through to get to this moment. If you have little information, create your own character!

Once you are ready to shoot, put down a few takes. Not the same version 3 times, but 3 different interpretations. You may just surprise yourself.

Be different, be memorable and stand out from the crowd. Remember a Casting Director is seeing the same script and possibly the same (or similar) delivery all day.

Get creative – be the one that sets them apart.

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