Amy Law


height 158 cm
chest 80 cm
waist 65 cm
hips 76 cm
eyes Brown
hair-colour Dark Blonde
hair-length Long
size 12-14
shoes 8 EUR
ethnic-group Caucasian
Amy is a model and actress. She was born in June 2008. Amy’s career in the modelling, TV and movie industry has seen her cast as an extra in a TV series, walk the runway as well as commercial work for a local theme park. Amy has been commended on her ability to take direction and is professional at all times. She has completed several courses in modelling and acting with her agency, and learnt valuable skills from professionals within the industry.
Amy is in the drama academy at her high school, where she was selected with only three other students to perform a travelling show to promote the high school at local primary schools.
Amy‘s other passion is animals — especially horses. She has been riding since she was 4 years old. She also plays the violin and flute. Amy loves a day at the beach and is a capable and competent swimmer. She enjoys the great outdoors, especially bike riding through nature with her family.
Amy is very dedicated to her craft and looks forward to proudly representing your company.


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