Dhilan Sabapathy


height 150 cm
chest 78 cm
waist 74 cm
hips 81cm cm
eyes Brown
hair-colour Brown
hair-length Short
size 14
shoes 39 EUR
ethnic-group Australian, Indian

Dhilan is a friendly, polite young man who has a passion for drama and acting. He has a great imagination and enjoys imagining worlds and role-playing different characters. He is confident in front of the camera and is grateful to have had the opportunity to play roles in a couple of commercials, a speaking role in a short film, as well as having participated in a commercial photoshoot for website content. He has thoroughly enjoyed all these roles, and eagerly looks forward to the next time he is on set.

Dhilan has good personal skills and communicates well with both adults and other children. Over the last two years, Dhilan has been honoured to be given the role as an ambassador at Goat Track Theatre, where he assists in facilitating drama classes for the younger students. This is a highlight of Dhilan’s week, he loves interacting with the younger children and sharing the love of drama.

Dhilan is very keen and open to furthering his skills and acting experience, and will continue to do so. In addition to weekly drama classes over the last four years, Dhilan has completed various screen and acting-based classes and workshops with Ben Parkinson Casting, Filmlab Academy, Zig Zag Theatre, The Warehouse Workshop, KJ’s School of Entertainment and Gabby Rogers. In his spare time Dhilan loves to read, play dungeons and dragons, play with his dog, swim and take parkour classes.


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